Food and Drinks

A traditional Bhutanese meal includes rice and chillies, The Main meal of Bhutanese people is rice which is steamed or boiled accompanied

by one or two side dishes consisting of meat or vegetables. Chillies are main ingredient of every dish, its consumed either wholly with salt, or chilli

and cheese (ema datsi), or used in any dish prepared, Chilli peppers are consumed in large quantities and are treated as a vegetable, not simply as a


The typical Bhutanese curry is Ema Datsi, which means chilli and cheese. There are many variations of this dish with the addition of other vegetables such as potatoes for Kewa Datsi and mushrooms for Shamu Datsi. Traditional way prepared curries are all very hot, but can be adjusted according to your


A lot of meat and poultry like chicken, pork, beef, fish and yak is consumed most often, These are usually served in the form of stews (tshoem), mixed with wide variety of fresh vegetables and spices like ginger and garlic.

Vegetables include Potato, Spinach, pumpkins, turnips, radishes, tomatoes, onions and green beans. Grains like red and white rice, buckwheat, barley and millet are also cultivated in various regions of the country depending on the local climate.

Suja is Bhutanese butter tea, its a popular drink in Bhutan made from mixing black tea with butter and salt. The butter and salt in tea gives it a salty taste, due to the cold weather and the love for dairy products. Bhutan is very cold, especially during winter in the mountain area, so the butter in suja keeps them warm.

Ara, or Arag, “alcohol, liquor”) is a traditional alcoholic beverage consumed in Bhutan. Ara is made from native high-altitude tolerant barley, rice, maize, millet, or wheat, and may be either fermented or distilled. The beverage is usually a clear, creamy, or white color.

Coffee and teas are available throughout the country. Several types of locally produced and imported beer brands are also available, Other local wines can also be found depending upon your location that your travel to.

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